Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Almost on your way?

Dear Baby,

today I started getting butterflies in my stomach. Why? Because on Friday I had my first US for this cycle. Since the last two cycles had been cancelled and I took clomid, which is always a risk for the uterine lining, I have been really worried that this cycle would be a bust again. I felt more than relieved when the dr said that the lining looked good in structure and thickness. Additionally, I have two perfect looking follicles, which are important for hormone production.
On Monday October 26th I triggered ovulation and tomorrow I am going to start progesterone because on Monday November 2nd I will finally have my transfer. It is more than amazing and exciting to know that I will have two little embryos in my belly in a week. It is the first time in my life that I will be able to say that I am pregnant. That is if everything goes as planned with the further development into blastozysts in the following few days.

I made an appointment for my very first acupuncture ever as well. Two days before and one day after transfer, as well as one week after transfer I will get acupuncture. There are so many more things I am doing with IVF that I didn't do before. So deep down I can't help but almost EXPECT that this is going to bring me YOU. I know it will be a deep fall, if this doesn't work as well. We have one more try with a FET before we have to start with the shots again. I really hope I will be spared of another round since I am still not a needle person. Right now I decided to stay positive. The only aspect bothering me is that transfer will be on the first day of school after the fall break. I hate to call in sick. Especially right after a break.

So here is a list of the things I did/am doing this cycle:

things I have done before as well:

  • thyroid medicine
  • vitamin D
  • folic acid
  • pomegranate juice
  • a multi vitamin

things I did/am doing for the first time:

  • different teas
  • herbs
  • brazil nuts
  • breakfast with lots of seeds and nuts
  • nuts/almonds for snack
  • iron pills
  • acupuncture
  • cardio at least twice a week
  • more meat and fish
  • relaxation exercises

So all in all I am taking more care about my health. Body and mind. I feel really good about all this now. I am confident that you are just around the corner, ready to come home. And when I picture myself during the relaxation exercise I always see one baby in my arms but pushing a twin stroller. Is that you telling me that you are going to bring someone along? I really do hope so but if you decide to be my only gift that is fine as well. All I want is a healthy and happy baby. If you come in a pair you are both more than welcome. 

Only 5 more days (I am not counting the day of transfer) and you might be moving in! Once again, you are welcome to bring a sibling.


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